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Black Belt EntrepreneurProgram 

Black Belt Entrepreneur Program at Sidekick

Nowadays, Financial Success means being entrepreneurial. In this program kids will learn skills to complete fulfill their dreams. With Black Belt Entrepreneur Program at Sidekick kids can earn their black belt in American Kenpo Karate and become owners of their dreams. We want to create future leaders in our society and the World with discipline, courage, creativity and a failing to succeed attitude.

Martial arts, teaches how to stand up when we fall,, not just to stand up but to continue until we succeed. So why not add an entrepreneur program to teach kids on how to be successful regardless of their fears?

In Black Belt Entrepreneur Program at Sidekick kids get the opportunity to work together to create a start-up, pitch their ideas to investors and be accountable for all business and financial decisions.

This hands-on experience sets them apart because it's their idea, their product and their business. Because of this, kids have a strong sense of owner ship from the beginning. They take rolls of CEO/CFO/MARKETING STRATEGIST.

This unique opportunity of making their own decisions and learn from their mistakes shifts their mindset and gives them courage to follow their dreams.

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