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About Us


With over 25 years experience in Martial Arts, Sidekick Karate School brings the best in self-defense technique and competitive or sport karate to Midland, TX and the Permian Basin.

Our Karate School believes in the principles of dialog and active participation to foster education and expression. All of our students develop their skill set, and push themselves to reach their potential and exceed their expectations. Our focus is to teach kids Discipline, Responsibility, Courage, Honesty, Control, and Attitude while developing self-defense skills.

We believe that competition is a key element for any kid or adult to be able to face their fears and conquer them. We have a great competition team that has represented Sidekick Karate School in different divisions: Point sparring, competitive weapons (Bo Staff, Katana, Kamas, Kali sticks), and traditional and creative forms (Kata).

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